The human condition is a rare one. We have one of the most complex brains out of all of the land mammals on this blue planet, but yet we continue to let children die not only in the streets but in our public schools due to the stubbornness of those who seem to lack even an ounce of compassion. WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH!? When will true justice be served? When will we stop acting out of greed? When will those who want what is worse for humanity be punished?

“And Jesus wept…”

In my current state, the state many others are in, we can only educate ourselves and wear the armor of knowledge and slew the evil-doers with the mace of right action. I feel like I am in a state of helplessness because I cannot help those who can’t help themselves, but we must find a way. We must find a way to help fix the planet of the atrocities we created if it’s the last thing we do. A revolution between good and evil is in its infancy, the drums of war are just beginning to beat after a long time coming. NOW IS THE TIME TO CHOOSE which side of history you want to be on, I have made my decision, and I pray to the universe that you have made the right decision and saw past the river of delusion and crossed the bridge of true wisdom.

If we give in to the wrong ethics our own morals will become almost non-existent and we will feel nothing but ill inspired emotions disguised as truth until the weight of reality suddenly hits us like the weight of the world on the shoulders of Atlas.

My advice from myself, Jackson Jamesblood, can only take you so far. I recommend practicing basic human decency which sadly eludes the minds of most modern humans. If we start with this basic foundation we will begin to try and reverse the effects of crossing the point of no return which we are well past. To do this task I would recommend losing the battle to win the war. By this I mean do not waste your breath on the small misfortunes of everyday life and truly speak out against the issues that matter and passionately preach kindness from your heart.

Secondly, I would recommend smiling more and going out of your way to bring a physical or metaphorical smile to someone. Once we begin to develop this ritual we will start building personal merit and evolve our spiritual nature into a higher and more clear state.

Lastly, I would like to persuade you to continue on your lifelong quest for true happiness, a goal all sentient beings desire deep down.

May we find hope, and may you forever be in fates favor,

Waiting for your judgment,

-Jackson Jamesblood


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