My Plea to Humanity

To my dear readers,

I write to you on this night, not as a blogger, not as an amateur philosopher, and not even as a Buddhist! I write to you as a fellow human, as a resident of this planet. At this very second we are at the point of no return. We abuse the Earth’s plentiful resources, we cut down trees and level beautiful hills to build subdivisions and roads to drive high polluting vehicles on. With these vehicles we burn fuel in a couple hours than what was crafted over many 100,000 millennia. Plastic of our creation gets poured by the ton into our wondrous oceans while our garbage gets scattered over our immaculate mountains. We have already acknowledged the error of our ways, but yet we take full advantage of our stubbornness and do nothing to fix our world which is crumbling before our very eyes.

`Starvation and disease spread like wildfire throughout the continents, and we would rather watch this happen than spare a couple of 6.14″ x 2.6″ green rectangular peaces of paper that our government tells us has value to end this all. A more than vast majority of us are too selfish to spare a couple of minutes each week improving the well being of a fellow human, and frankly it is disgusting. We all forget that we are only two chromosomes away from being a potato, we think to highly about ourselves and every thought that strikes us turns into “us” vs. “them”. This way of thinking makes us constantly criticize each-other. It is through these wrong views that make us so wasteful and non-compassionate to those around us. It is as if peace will never occur.

My message is a call to non violent arms. Stop thinking in an us versus them manor and start thinking about where the tracks we are on end. Kindness and compassion will be our only saving grace in our final hours. Understanding where we come from and where we are now makes all the difference in an attempt to lose our arrogance we have consciously and subconsciously. Anyone who does not heed the warning that has been given to us for years and sound the trumpets of the end of the human era will forever be a fool in my eyes. now in what may be the final eleventh hour, I beg of you to be less wasteful, I beg of you to be pure in your actions, and most of all, I beg of you to spread compassion to even the most undeserving life forms now, and for the rest of eternity (which may be sooner than expected!)

Waiting for your judgment,

– Jackson Jamesblood


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