4: Religion

We as humans are not born filled with hatred towards fellow man, it is a trait in which we are taught.  When we come into this world kicking and screaming we have no influence right at that moment to hate blacks or Jews, but over time people pound into our heads that if one black person robs a bank and used the money to buy drugs, that all black people are thieves that do drugs.  Religion was used to be a tool that made the unexplainable explainable. Think back to the 790s for instance. When there was thunder the only possible solution to explain the unexplainable was that there was a divine being who through a temper tantrum and made sparks fall from the clouds.  Now there aren’t too many Thor worshipers due to modern-day science and technology. Today religion is used to tell people what to and what not to do, and sometimes it is used to tell people that a certain way of living will send you to a deep, dark, fiery place where you will burn and suffer forever.  Today’s Christians are taught that Islam is bad when according to the bible they should be dictated to love their neighbor.

Image result for christians and muslims

In my opinion, religion is outdated, and we need to have faith in the law officials that protect us, the doctors who save lives, and most of all our selves to be able to freely think without being spoon-fed a heaping plate of racism hatred.

Please before you leave try thinking for your self instead of “What Would Jesus Do” think “What Would I Do” 

Waiting for your judgment,

Dr. Jamesblood


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